Odour Removal Permanently - Take The Odour Challange

Removal of odours can be difficult or almost impossible, unless the process of odour removal is performed by a trained technician. Odours can originate from a variety of sources such as body fluids, (blood, urine, vomit, feces etc.), which can migrate through the flooring, sub flooring, insulation, ceiling below and then to the floor and sub floor below that.

Our technicians are experts at removing all types of odours, from a 2 month human decomposition, to pepper spray and tear gas, to a home were the family dog has entered the premises after being skunked. These odours do more than taint the air. They actually permeate furnishings and personal effects, and can become trapped in flooring, grout, and walls. Our technicians use the latest state of the art technology for odour removal. As a part of our process, we will assist you in salvaging all important personal items. We can accept a written list or even take photographs for you to look over so that you lose a minimum of important family possessions.