Crystal Meth/Ecstasy/Chemical Labs

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners offers nationwide service and training for the safe, effective, clean up and proper removal of Biohazardous Infectious Materials (WHMIS CLASS D, DIVISION 3) including blood cleanup, body fluid and tissue removal from any type of crime scene including homicides, suicide, accidents, unattended death, or auto accident. We will properly remove, disinfect and dispose of all contaminates an "Pathological Waste" in accordance with the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Regulation 347.

Marijuana and Methamphetamine and all associated by products and ingredients, have the ability to cause severe lung, respiratory and eye damage as well as chemical burns and even death as well as the risk for fire and explosion. Chemicals used to grow hydroponics and "cook" Meth and other compounds formed during the cooking process can contaminate not only the physical structure, (i.e. dry wall, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.), but the entire property including but not limited too yard, well and septic as well.

For drug lab decontamination we use a three-step process to help protect you, your family, guests and tenants. The first step requires a comprehensive site survey and work plan. The survey will consist of obtaining and evaluating reports issued by your municipal licensing and standards office, (we will work directly with these people so you won't have to), and local law enforcement reports indicating the types and quantity of insecticides, herbicides, chemicals and cooking equipment removed from the site. Electrical, structural and environmental engineering reports will be required in order to determine the state of the physical structure, and the level of contamination to the indoor environment. After completing the site survey, a work plan and bid for remediation will be produced for you.

Next, we will decontaminate the site to meet your municipal guidelines or provincial ones, should your municipality have no official regulatory guidance. This process generally takes one to ten days depending on the size and level of contamination of the site. We handle everything from beginning to end including disposal of hazardous materials that are associated with Grow Ops and Meth labs and all aspects of the decontamination process

Last, we have secondary reports and testing issued by the 3 engineers to determine and certify that the premises are now restored and decontaminated to a level within regulatory specification. You will be provided with these reports so that you may remove your property from quarantine, sell it, move back in or re-rent it. It is important to note that we do not do the post sampling ourselves for obvious conflict of interest reasons. But we do hire a non-associated company to handle that for us / you.